A Point of Victory

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Our life is full forward motion.  From the day we’re born.  We’re expected to grow and to move from one point to another as if connecting the dots of our lives not knowing which way to go and where the end will be.  We’re expected to matriculate through life gradually, moving from adolescence to adulthood.  Yet, the time in between is a constant web of missteps and reassessments that cause us stress, agony and, most times, a lot of hurt and pain.  What if, instead of living life in search of the next dot to connect, progressing from one point to another, one chapter to another, what if we instead lived life from the end?

Living life from the end would give us a better and fuller perspective on where we should be in life and how we should be living.  Knowing the destination or the end game gives us confidence to complete each phase of life courageously and triumphantly.  It’s like reading the last chapter of the book to find out how the story ends.  It motivates you to want to read the remainder of the book from the beginning just to see what happened in between the pages.  It’s igniting.  It’s refreshing.  It’s empowering.  And, it’s exactly how God wants us to live.  God wants us to live victoriously confident and courageous lives, knowing that our future, when trusted to Him, is better than OK.  It’s victorious.

Our point of victory is in Christ and what God says will happen both now and in the last days.  This site is a collection of notes, quotes, sermons and messages, etc. that will empower you to live with passion and purpose knowing that God has your back and that you have been chosen to live your life from a point of victory.

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